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Thema: Changing the form of treatment of the problem

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    Changing the form of treatment of the problem

    If I ask for help with a problem that started in SB then it will go to your forum because for a long time in SB do not respond to the
    problem by Expert Manager Just in case,
    so how do I pass the problem solving request to your forum?

    And if necessary then how can you personally contact the administrators of this forum community?

    Thanks in advance.

    MCMUPPET: It is a cheek to write here that you will not get any help in time X. You will get answers in the SB within hours. To say this is a slap in the face for any helper. Furthermore, every follow-up thread on this topic will be removed without comment.
    Geändert von RAMI (14.10.2021 um 01:54 Uhr)


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