When I check the US TV program for next week (until 2020-03-13) I learn that the whole schedule for ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX (uswabc, uswcbs, uswnbc & uswnyw) is one hour ahead of the schedule I expect.

Programmes which are aired 20:00 US local time and which were shown with this time in the OTR TV schedule in the past are now at 19:00

Examples: 08.03 CBS God friended me 19:00 (expected 20:00)
13.03 NBC Lincoln Rhyme 19:00 (expected 20:00)
13:03 ABC Shark Tank 19:00 (expected 20:00)

I'm not sure if this is only a new display problem regarding the time shift between US and Germany or if this has also an impact on the the programming.

I have already send a mail to the OTR support.

Is someone here in the forum aware of this and have maybe an explanation I didn't see?