Am 02.11. ist auf dem von OTR aufgezeichneten CBS-Sender die o. g. TBBT-Folge zu Gunsten eines Football-Games ausgefallen (

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There is probably going to be a post about that here on Friday anyway, so.....

On Thursday, Nov 2nd 2017 from 8pm to 10pm the EPG lists Football on WCBS although there should be The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon and the season premieres of Mom and Life in Pieces. So I tried to verify that and found:
Select Nov 2nd, 8 pm. So the EPG isn't wrong. Looks like the local NYC affiliate of CBS decided to air football and move the comedy shows to WLNY.

Can OTR please tell if it is in theory possible oder impossible to add this program (if not tomorrow night then in the future). (might be impossible due to the location of the program and the recording device)

backup for WCBS Program in case of Breaking News or sometimes Football
(was already brought up here:
but it was never answered if it is possible in theory)

If it's possible I would like to encourage everybody to vote for WLNY-DT here (I already added it):
So we hopefully miss our shows for the last time. We still have to wait for new programs being added though.

Thank you very much.
Aber es wird im britischen Fernsehen auf E4 auch die Staffel ausgestrahlt. Zwar ist auf der Homepage von E4 das Programm noch nicht entsprechend aktualisiert, aber bei einem wöchentlichen Austrahlungsrhythmus müßte die entsprechende Folge am 16.11.2017 um 20:30 Uhr (westeuropäische Zeitzone) laufen.