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Thema: How can I recognize Downloads of NFL Games ?

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    Apr 2014

    How can I recognize Downloads of NFL Games ?

    There is again a download of an four hour NFL game available, at 114 MBs... This is not the first time. There is no game, but a decoding is charged.

    Is there a special trick I do not know, or how am I supposed to deal with these?

    The file has turned up in a mirror, same size, so I downloaded and decoded. 9sek of black screen, that is all....

    In 2 weeks I have now wasted 5 decodings, without getting anything to watch.

    Do I get credit for these failed decodings?

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    Oct 2006
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    AW: How can I recognize Downloads of NFL Games ?

    Unabhängig vom Inhalt ist Dekodierung durchgeführt worden. Eine Erstattung wird es nicht geben.


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